Paues Åberg Communications - How we work

How we work

Every client is unique and deserves a fresh, innovative approach. As a result, our deliverables are tailored to address the specific needs and challenges faced by each one of our clients. Our experience and expertise covers a wide range of sectors and issues and we invest in deepening our understanding as part of each new project.

To be able to provide high-value insights and advice, it is critical that our clients are open about their issues. As advisors, we are aware that our clients often face their own constraints, and that circumstances may change in the course of a project. A key part of our role is to question assumptions, and either challenge or endorse our client’s initial assessment of their situation.

We believe that openness and simplicity are the keys to successful communication. We establish coherent and realistic goals for each project. In our role as advisors, we keep our clients informed as to what we are doing and why. The advice we provide is always clear-cut and practical. Our deliverables are easy to understand and we provide effective and seamless project management. Clients can feel confident about our ability to manage projects in the best and most effective way possible.

Paues Åberg is a member of PRECIS, the public relations industry association, and we work within its ethical framework. The projects we work on must be aligned with this framework, with applicable laws, with democratic principles and not conflict with a functioning market economy.

We do not participate in public sector tenders and only selectively in pitches. As a general rule, we do not work pro bono.