Paues Åberg Communications - Our values

Our values

Paues Åberg has three core values that are reflected in all aspects of our work.


Quality is the basis for building trust, which, in turn, is the foundation for open and honest advice and a constructive partnership. Quality is the hallmark of Paues Åberg’s relationships with its clients and other stakeholders. Quality should be reflected in the content of our advice and in our deliverables. We are clear with our clients about the way we work and provide continual updates on results. At Paues Åberg, we are constantly striving to raise the quality of our service and advice and, in dialog with our clients, ensure that any change contributes further to their success. By our own example and in cooperation with other stakeholders, Paues Åberg will work to raise quality within the communication sector as a whole.

Long-term perspective

Successful partnerships are based on trust. Because trust takes time to establish, Paues Åberg takes a long-term view of its relationships. Paues Åberg values the continuation of a constructive partnership over the business itself. Our goal is to work with our clients over the course of many years and, in our strategic advice, to always protect our clients’ long-term interests. Paues Åberg should also be a place where people can work for a long time, develop and take greater responsibility as their contribution to our business grows. Paues Åberg strives to maintain good relationships with those clients, colleagues and suppliers with which it has worked in the past knowing that we will meet them again under different circumstances.


Constructive partnerships are based on mutual respect and the knowledge that you are being heard. As consultants, meeting these demands requires an open dialogue where we do our utmost to understand our clients’ needs and motivations and that we always seek to act in their best interests, even if it means going out of our comfort zone. In the same way, our consultants should feel safe in the knowledge they will be listened to and be given clear direction regarding issues that touch on their work and that their professional interests will be looked after. We take the same approach to our relationships with suppliers and other partners. Our relationships with our competitors should be collegial and generous.