About Paues Åberg

Paues Åberg is a strategic communication agency with an optimistic view about society and its development. We help companies and organisations become more successful through communication - and see opportunities both in success and adversity.

We have a particular focus on political influence, corporate communication and financial communication. By spreading knowledge, increasing understanding and clarifying different decision alternatives, we enable change and build trust.

Paues Åberg Communications was founded in 2013 by Theodor Paues and Allan Åberg with the goal of creating a communications agency based on trusting relationships with employees, clients and partners and with a focus on quality.

We have about thirty consultants with expertise in business, politics, communication, brand, and media. Over ten years, we have helped nearly 300 clients become more successful and achieve their business goals with effective communication.

Our philosophy

Do you also have a positive view of society? Then you’ve come to the right place. At Paues Åberg we have an optimistic view of society’s development. Breakthroughs in technology, science and business have created a richer and better life for people today than ever before in history.
We are proud to work for companies and organizations that contribute to this amazing development. We do this by offering services in communication that support business goals and make you a relevant stakeholder in society.


Our way of working

We believe in openness and simplicity. And as a client, we want you to have high expectations of us. We make sure we understand your particular circumstances and challenges and then formulate clear and realistic goals.

As a client you should also be aware of what we do as advisers and why we do it and feel secure that we are managing the work we do in the best possible way. Our advice is presented as simply and practically as possible with deliverables that are easy to understand.

Our values

Paues Åberg has three core values which are reflected in everything we do.


We believe that high quality work is the basis for trust which, in turn, is a pre-requisite for providing advice and constructive collaboration. Relationships with our clients and collaboration partners should therefore be characterized by quality across all dimensions. By quality, we mean both the content of the advice and deliverables as well as the processes to develop the content. Continually working to achieve high quality in our work is the agency’s most important goal.


We believe that successful collaboration is built over time. That is why we have a long-term perspective in all our relationships. For us, a relationship’s survival is always more important than the immediate business and our goal is to work with you as a client for many years. Our advice always looks to your long-term interests. As a member of the Paues Åberg team, we want the agency to be a place where you can stay and develop over time.


We believe that respect and being listened to are the basis for success together. To achieve this, we ensure we have an honest dialogue with our clients where we get to know your needs and motivations. Our advice is always based on our clients’ best interests, even if this means delivering uncomfortable messages or advice. As a member of Paues Åberg team, you should also feel that you are heard, receive clear decisions, and know your best interests are being looked after.

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