About us - Paues Åberg

About us

We are a communications consultancy specialized in Public Affairs, Corporate Communications and Financial Communications. We help businesses and organizations to understand the world around them and achieve their business objectives through effective communication and issues advocacy.

Paues Åberg was founded in 2013 by Theodor Paues and Allan Åberg, after they decided to start a communications consultancy founded on trusting relationships with colleagues, clients and collaborative partners, prioritizing quality above all else.
Today, Paues Åberg has three partners and our team members have expertise within business, politics and the media.

Paues Åberg is a member and serves on the board of the public relations association PRECIS. We are also members of SNS, a Swedish think tank and SwedenBIO, the industry association for the Swedish life science sector.

We work together with select communications firms for projects based outside of Sweden.

Our philosophy

The opportunities for humans to develop and evolve are endless. These days, such opportunities are being seized more and more. Advancements in technology, science, business and politics are creating richer and better lives for humans at faster pace than ever before.

Effective communication adds value to this progress by spreading knowledge, increasing understanding, clarifying decision-making opportunities and thereby enabling change.

At Paues Åberg we have a positive outlook on the future. We are proud to represent clients that contribute to advancements and progress in a wide array of areas and sectors. Our goal is to make them even more successful. We achieve that by offering services that support our clients’ business objectives through effective communication and transforming our clients into important actors in society.

Our approach

Every client situation is unique and requires customized deliverables. That is why, before a project starts, we seek to gain a thorough understanding of a client’s particular context, environment and challenges.

We believe in transparency and simplicity. We set clear and realistic objectives in our assignments and projects. As a client you will be well informed in what we, as advisors, do and why we do it. Our guidance is presented as simply and practically as possible, with deliverables that are easy to understand. Project management is characterized by flexibility and organization. Clients can rest assured knowing that we manage the entire work process in the best way possible.

Our Values

Paues Åberg is grounded in three core values that are reflected in all of our work.


High-quality work builds the foundation for trust, which in turn is a prerequisite for effective consulting and constructive collaboration.

Therefore, our relationship with you, as a client and partner, will be characterized by quality. Quality pertains to both the content of our guidance and deliverables as well as each step in the project management process. We are clear towards our clients with regards to how we work and continuously update them on our results.

Long-term focus

In relationships, successful cooperation is built on trust. Since trust takes time to establish, a long-term focus characterizes every one of the firm’s relationships. 

We always value the endurance of a relationship over the business it provides. Our goal is to work with clients for many years, and as consultants we always have long-term interests in mind. 

For our employees, Paues Åberg should be seen as a place to remain long-term while developing and obtaining larger responsibilities and contributing more to the firm’s operations. We always strive to maintain a good relationship with our network – previous clients, employees, or vendors – because we are certain we will meet again in other contexts and therefore seek to have the best possible relationship with them even then.


Constructive collaboration requires that people feel they are respected and are taken seriously. 

Achieving this requires an honest conversation with you as a client, where we as consultants do our best to understand your needs and motives and act with your best interests in mind – even though it may sometimes be uncomfortable.

Our employees should at the same time feel safe knowing that they are heard, receive clear decisions and guidelines in matters that involve their work, and that their interests are considered. The same goes for vendors and other partners in the firm’s operations. Relationships with competitors shall be characterized by collegiality and generosity.