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We understand the particular challenges that exist in businesses where people and their knowledge are the main asset.

The services industry’s share of the economy has been trending upwards for decades. Today, companies in the services sector make up more than two-thirds of Sweden’s GDP. One key reason is that previously heavily regulated businesses have been de-regulated and subjected to competition. This has created opportunities and growth in sectors such as education, dispensing pharmacies, media, and distribution.

Paues Åberg has extensive experience working in sectors that were once heavily regulated and dominated by state monopolies. Deregulation and competition in different markets tends to bring similar challenges and opportunities.

We have also gained significant experience in other parts of the services industry. Most notable are companies in finance, hospitality, and professional services. Over the years, we have built up knowledge of the challenges that these industries repeatedly face. This includes issues such as labour market skills, public procurement, regulation, and awareness

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