Industry and employer organizations

We understand the special challenges faced by membership organizations.

For the most part, all industry organisations try and improve the environment in which the industry operates. This includes increasing knowledge about the industry and its benefits, as well as influencing the laws and regulations that govern the industry.

Business organisations are a large client group for Paues Åberg. We are experienced in labour market issues, both from a policy and employer perspective. The Swedish labour market’s rules and operation is our bread and butter. We work continually with issues of labour market skills development and communication around centralised agreements and collective bargaining.

To develop policies and positions which gain wide-spread support, and be campaigned and communicated is of central importance and an area where we have extensive experience. We also regularly advise our clients on measuring, communicating, and increasing the benefits of membership.

Contact – Industry and employer organizations

Malin Johansson

070-092 91 69

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