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Corporate communications

Change has become the new normal for many companies today. It requires constant, swift and clear communication, areas where many businesses and organizations experience challenges.

Raise the value of your business with communication

Paues Åberg supports small and large companies with raising their business value through communication. We help you analyze your business’ starting point and future goals, and from there we work with you to develop strategies and take action. Our experience has shown that three aspects are crucial for communicating successfully in a changing landscape.


  • Communication in line with business strategy and goals. 
  • Consistent messaging throughout the organization
  • Established spokespersons


  • Clear responsibilities and mandates in communications work
  • Preparedness for sudden changes and crises
  • Goal-oriented work processes


  • Well-informed and engaged employees
  • Good knowledge of target groups
  • Transparency and follow-up

Common challenges that businesses face today can be a conflict between communication and business strategy/objectives, a low return on communications initiatives, bottlenecks in day to day operations, the lack of an internal communications strategy, inconsistent messaging or the lack of trained and established spokespersons. Another issue is lack of preparedness for crisis and sudden changes.

We can help you with:

Business, media, and political monitoring and target group analysis

As a company, it is important to be able to predict how certain events and trends around you can affect your business. How can you take advantage of opportunities that arise, e.g. by acting as an issue expert, and how can you address challenges early on? Read more »

In the same way, businesses also need to understand how trends can affect communication towards their own target groups, both internal and external.
We will help you complete analyses that can then be used internally. Having a common knowledge base helps management make the right communicative decisions.

Corporate Storytelling

A business usually has multiple target groups with whom they need to communicate: shareholders, analysts, potential partners, agencies, employees and decisionmakers. Read more »

A corporate story acts as a foundation for the entire company and helps build its key messages. It describes who you are as a company, what you stand for, what your market looks like and what you want to achieve.
A corporate story is particularly important ahead of and during a repositioning, expansion or merger.

Spokesperson training and verbal communication

Attention-grabbing ideas are the result of thorough analyses and relevant proposals. But elaborating on policy is not enough. Attention also results from coverage, which depends on effective communication. How does an expert become a debater? Read more »

During our spokesperson trainings we will work with both positioning and messaging, i.e., the how and the what. Paues Åberg’s concept combines speaker training and message/media training to equip participants with the skills to influence and lead the conversation in verbal communication situations such as presentations, interviews and seminars.

Contact our advisors for more information:

Malin Johansson
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Allan Åberg
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Formulating and implementing an editorial process

Many companies and organizations struggle with a low return on their communications initiatives. Moreover, communicators (both managers and specialists) often feel that they spend more time with meetings, planning and strategies rather than actually communicating. Read more »

In both larger and smaller communications departments, it is still common for channels to determine the type of communication, rather than messaging and target groups. Communicators have a lot to gain by taking a journalist’s approach to thinking and storytelling and understanding how media outlets organize their work to succeed in their communication.

We can help you develop an editorial approach to your communications planning, with editorial meetings and a concrete plan, so that your content is driven and chosen by your target groups.

Contact our advisors for more information:

Jonas Rodny
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Message platform and message training

A message platform consists of effective and cohesive messaging about a specific issue, an area of business, or an entire organization. A message platform consists of a limited number of key messages followed by supporting arguments and information for each key message, as well as a list of commonly asked questions and answers. Read more »

Getting your message out requires practical training. In our message and media trainings we simulate hypothetical situations for relevant spokespeople that will help them practice formulating and conveying their message platform.

Strategic internal communication

Having a strategic mindset for internal communication may seem obvious, but in reality is often overlooked. A well-run internal communications operation connected to your business’ vision and mission is a powerful tool, both as support for managers and motivation for colleagues to build a strong corporate culture. Read more »

We can help you analyze internal target groups and their needs, evaluate your internal channels, develop a communications plan and offer communicative support that managers can use in interacting with employees.

Channel selection strategy

There are more channels than ever before to get your message out there: the media, owned social media channels, blogs and in-person meetings. However, deciding which channel or channels to use remains relatively simple: start by determining the target group are you trying to reach, then find out where they are. Read more »

We can help you develop a channel selection strategy that makes it easier for your organization to understand which channels are prioritized and primarily used for different types of communications activities.

Contact our advisors for more information:

Malin Johansson
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Risk analysis, crisis plans and crisis exercises

Paues Åberg supports company leadership and communication departments in developing and preserving their brand in relation to clients, owners, analysts, employees and the media. This work becomes particularly important during challenges and crises. Read more »

For preventative purposes, we can help evaluate existing risk analyses and crisis communications plans, as well as develop new ones. We can also lead crisis exercises for senior leadership, crisis management groups and communications departments.

When a crisis is actively occurring we are available in both an advisory and operative capacity to support your company’s ongoing communications.