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Public Affairs

Political change can happen quickly. At Paues Åberg we help you to analyse politics and public debate and implement initiatives that lead them in the right direction.

All industries today are regulated some way. The regulations that apply to a company’s operations are also often under review, whether by a municipality, the parliament, by a government agency, or an EU institution.

At the same time, politics is now highly influenced by broader public debates where specific issues can very quickly gain widespread attention. Other issues can receive significantly less attention, despite their importance.

To make smart business decisions demands both knowledge of the political decision-making process and an understanding of the broader debates influencing politics and policy making. Success in some cases requires lobbying, where politicians and experts are provided with specific insights at critical stages. In other cases, it requires broader initiatives to get issues higher on the political agenda or to cast them in a new light.

Paues Åberg are Public Affairs experts, which for us encompasses targeted political influence and broader campaigns to shape public opinion. Our consultants are former politicians, journalists and opinion columnists and experienced industry experts.

Our expertise:
  • Lobbying
  • Policy development
  • Shaping public opinion
  • Intelligence and analysis
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Theodor Paues

070-955 03 13

Allan Åberg

073-338 33 11

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