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We assist our clients manage the special challenges brought about by the green and digital transition

Swedish industry is in a formative phase. Rapid technical development challenges existing business models and manufacturing processes but is also a key to future-proof Swedish competitiveness.

Both the will and capacity to implement innovations and continually invest in major technological advances remains a prerequisite for Swedish businesses to be able to compete internationally.

Correspondingly, society's ongoing climate transition places increased demands on industry to reduce its climate impact. The transition to a long-term sustainable society is, at the same time, a unique opportunity for Swedish industrial companies.

Paues Åberg has significant experience helping clients in both traditional export industries and heavy engineering with influence and communication linked to the specific challenges these industries face. We regularly assist companies and industry associations in the development of strategic communication in areas such as the provision of skills to the labour market, research and innovation, approval processes as well as community support and engagement.

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