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Financial Communication

We advise you on maintaining active, planned and clear communication with the market and as a result have a positive impact on your market value.

Competition for investor attention is tough. At the same time, the increasingly strict requirements for correct, relevant and clear communication must be maintained.

If a company cannot successfully deliver shareholder value, it can be difficult to raise new capital, or shareholder patience can wear thin. In the worst case, both can be issues at the same time.

To get attention and a willingness to invest demands active and clear communication. We offer advisory services in how to interact with your shareholders and which strategies are most relevant for achieving your goals. The starting point is often a clear and compelling equity story that describes your business, its unique benefits and future opportunities, aiming to create awareness and trust with investors.

At Paues Åberg we have many years’ experience in strategic investor relations advice, financial reporting, M&A and IPOs. We help you manage strategic issues and the execution of communication activities related to specific events or in day-to-day communication with investors.

Our expertise:
  • Capital market transactions
  • IPOs and capital raisings
  • Investor relations and financial reporting
  • Equity stories
  • Sustainability and ESG
  • Positioning and investor surveys
Contact – Financial Communication

Jonas Rodny

076-190 90 51

Anna Spängs

070-810 54 78

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